Snow retention system

Increased outdoor temperature and heat generated by the building can melt snow and ice accumulated on a roof. This melting of the snow results in the formation of a film of water between the snow, the ice and the surface of the roof. Since water acts as a lubricant, snow and ice may fall rapidly and suddenly. The snow stops block the fall and hold the snow and ice on the roof. They allow the snow to fall little by little or even to melt completely on the roof. In addition, snow stops also allow the weight of snow and ice to be spread over the roof, reducing the risk of damage.

  • Practical yet visually appealing

  • Very strong

  • Does not rust

  • Coated in Zamak

Why do you need a snow retention system?
Snow guards protect objects and places under a sloping roof from damage caused by snowfall or ice. Examples of these places are:

.  Pedestrian areas;
.  Parked or moving vehicles;
.  Expensive landscaping;
.  Gutters and plumbing columns;
.  Skylights and atriums;
.  Adjacent roofs and those below.

Spec Sheet

Zamak is an alloy of zinc, aluminium, magnesium, and copper. This makes snow fleur de Lys stops one of the strongest products on the market.

Avalanche Snowguard Colors:

Bleu Ardoise

Rouge Vif

Brun Chêne

Gris Pierre



Bleu Héron

Rouge Foncé

Brun Café

Gris Régent



Bleu Royal

Rouge Tuile

Brun Foncé

Gris Ardoise

Gris Charbon

Vert Foncé