TruVent® Soffit

Ventilation is at its best when it’s invisible.

TruVent® is a hidden vent soffit. It provides a traditional look with modern performance.
Product Details

Invisible Vents!

Drawing the air you need to work with your home’s roof ventilation system without drawing attention to its source. TruVent® is the perfect expression of that idea.

TruVent® has an NFA (net free area) of 11. It means that it supplies the optimal amount of air that an attic needs.

  • The aluminum is paired with Titanium to provide even more strength.

  • Prolongs the life of your shingles & reduces energy costs.

  • Thicker paint finish that resists peeling, cracking, chipping or delaminating.

  • 50% thicker than a standard sheet of aluminum soffit

  • Simple and easy to clean.

When you enhance the ventilation, you enhance everything. With TruVent®, you can reduce the temperature in the attic. It will prolong the life of your roof, reduce energy cost and help improve indoor air quality.

Inadequate Ventilation

Adequate Ventilation

TruVent® Colors

White 280

Snowmist 523

Eggshell 503

Champagne 827

Cozy Cottage 606

Desert Tan 327

Herringbone 819

Wicker 809

Prairie Sand 549

Sandy Beige 177

Autumn Leaf 560

Norwood 509

Clay 807

Heather 506

Cactus 200

Cypress 559

Pewter 805

Granite 204

Eldridge Gray 605

Slate 424

Gray Dusk 416

Terratone 511

Sable 538

Musket 508

Brown 502

Mocha 507

Navy 521

Ironstone 414

Forest 522

Wineberry 604

Black 518

 TruVent® and TruCedar® Colors

White 280

Bennington Beige 401

Dune 404

Sahara 407

Sycamore 409

Foothill Blue 405

Thatch 410

Cottage Red 411

Pewter 805

Eldridge Gray 605

Ironstone 414