TruCedar® Steel Siding

The appearance of wood, strengthened by the resilience of steel

Perfect for Canadian weather and conditions, TruCedar® Steel siding is guaranteed to last. That is why we back it up with a lifetime warranty that covers against rust, flaking and fading.

Why choose TruCedar®?

Other than for its beauty

It's stronger that steel

Each sheet of TruCedar® siding is dipped into a bath of molten zinc. The zinc then forms a thick layer that will protect the steel even when the core is exposed. This layer of zinc also bonds with the steel to make an alloy that is stronger than steel alone.


We chose to use a steel alloy for its capacity to protect. Your home will be safe against virtually anything nature throws at it. Steel is already one the strongest building materials, but when reinforced with protective coatings; it becomes the longest lasting siding that you can get.


TruCedar® steel siding is covered with a paint system that reflects solar radiation. It saves you money on the electric and maintenance bill. Thanks to this high tech reflective coating, the finish takes very little damage from the sun. That is why the finish on TruCedar® is guaranteed for life.

Distinct Styles

Contemporary and Traditionnel


TruCedar® Shake Gives you the beauty of real shake shingles without the pesky upkeep that they normally come with. This profile can be used on full walls or, as is often seen, on gables and dormers.

Board and Batten 6″ & 10″

Available in sizes of 6” or 10”, Board and Batten gives you a clasic look with a modern twist.


Double 4″

Made popular by the introduction of vinyl, TruCedar® double 4” gives you a more durable and healthier choice. Combine this with masonry for an even more distinguished appearance.

Simple 6″

For a more traditional look, Simple 6” is elegant yet accommodating. Mix with a board and batten profile to create an even more attractive design.

Simple 6″ Dutch Lap

Similar to the Simple 6” profile, Dutch lap has a notch to form a decorative groove along the top of the board.

Simple 8″

Simple 8” has fewer lines than its thinner counter parts. It is great to cover large vertical surfaces.

TruCedar® accessories

Available Colors:

HD Colors (2 tone):

Birch 417

Captiva M12

Cedar 109

Cider mill M16

English Saddle M17

Mountain Laurel M18

Napa Vine M15

Spruce 416

Timber Ash 106

Weathered Wood 108

Solid Colors:

Bennington Beige 401

Cottage Red 411

Dune 404

Foothill Blue 405

Statuary Bronze 425

Gray Dusk 415

Ironstone 414

Norwood 509

Pewter 805

Sahara 407

Sycamore 409

Thatch 410

White 280

Shake Colors:

Cedar 109

Timber Ash 106

Weathered Wood 108