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During rain storms, water is quickly directed to your gutters. It is then that the unique rounded design of the gutters prevents debris, leaves and even the pine needles from getting into your gutters. The surface tension of the water ensures that it follows the contour of the gutter cover in your gutters whereas the debris simply fall to the ground instead of seeping into your gutters.

The principle of surface tension is what happens when water passes over the edge of a glass when pouring slowly. The water does not fall directly, but follows the outer contour of the glass.

Looking at the image on the right you can see that:

.  The gutter cover that is attached to the roof edge does not penetrate or damage the shingles.

.  The patented Smart ClipMD mounting bracket, the most resistant on the market, ensures the crucial installation of the rounded shape. It maintains a constant opening that prevents birds, rodents and debris from penetrating. Using patented G-Force technology, the precise angle of the fixation ensures that only the water is directed into the gutters. The ingenuity of the system is impressive, as it also protects the gutters from snow and ice that are driven by accentuated slopes or covered with aluminum, steel, and sheet metal.

.  The rounded design has proven itself. It sweeps the water and prevents the debris from penetrating. This profile can hold more than 22 ‘ ‘ of water per hour which is almost twice the record quantity recorded. (Most gutters will fill and overflow to 4 or 5 p

Truguard Colors:

Low Gloss White

Terratone 511

Slate Gray 775

Pewter 805

Musket 508

Mocha 507

Golden Oak 608

Forest 522

Black 518

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